About Us

Welcome to Studio Bella Salon and Wellness Boutique, where you are sure to have a warm, welcoming and unique salon experience. We operate as a team, and you can feel confident in selecting any of our team members at any time. Rest assured that our stylists constantly and consistently have a thirst for education - the services you indulge in are always on the cutting edge. Studio Bella was created with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in mind. We operate each day under the guidelines of our non-negotiable core values: Growth Integrity Commitment Love/Gratitude Excellence It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service and we work to ensure the satisfaction of each and every client. High quality services are offered for everyone in the family, at affordable prices, with all the benefits of an upscale salon experience. You can be confident in knowing your time here will be both relaxing and inspiring! Welcome to the family.

Fun Facts

Did you know that once a month Studio Bella holds "Teaching Tuesdays"? On this day you can make an appointment with one of our future stylists for 50% off the regular service price. All services are performed under the guidance of a senior stylist. For more information or to make an appointment give us a call at 718-227-5010